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Customer Management Benchmarking and Measurement


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CMAT will align the organisation’s Customer Management stakeholders behind an objective, quantitative, benchmarked view of their current CM capabilities and will identify the most important actions to take in order to improve their performance in this area.



Why is it important to measure Customer Management Competence?

A company should measure it’s performance if it's serious about understanding customers, retaining them, and building loyalty. Loyalty is the ultimate outcome, and driver of business performance but can only be changed through diagnosing and working on the previous drivers, in particular customer management competence - illustrated below.


About CMAT.

CMAT™ (or Customer Management Assessment Tool) Assessments bring together a range of tools and methodologies that provide a detailed, objective, benchmarked assessment of an organisation's capability to effectively manage its customers.

CMAT™ is becoming recognised globally as the standard for assessing the policies, practices, people, processes and technology that an organisation has in place to deliver Customer Management goals. CMAT™ services transcend many of the fashionable concepts in Customer Management, providing evidence-based assessments and recommendations grounded in best practices from around the world.

CMAT™ is an assessment tool, backed by a model of Customer Management - outlined below, that enables organisations to understand how well they are managing their customers. It is supported by a methodology, software toolset, best practice knowledge library and benchmark database that now extends to over 700 assessments carried out across five continents.




The CMAT™ approach is statistically robust. It has recently been used to investigate the relationship between customer management practice and improvements in financial performance indicators, the results of which will are described in
The Customer Framework™ State of the Nation IV publication.


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